Many countries insist on visitors having an entry visa or travel permit as a condition of entry. Especially on an RTW. For some it is a way of making extra money from visitors while for many it is part of their internal security system. Either way you have no choice but to comply with their requirements: no visa, no entry. However we have tried to make the process a bit easier. See below..
 Australian visas
If you book with us we can do an Australia tourist visa (an ETA) for £15 (cheaper than online). Just give us a call on 020 7704 5700. All we need are the details from the photo page of your passport. We can organise then within 10 minutes and email you the details right away.
  Get visas online
Alternatively you can use the services of a visa agency. We recommend, because we've used them a lot ourselves, Visa Central, a CIBT company; They are an online agency, who will arrange all your visas for you. You liaise with them directly for visas and also pay them directly. This is the link here We now book clients from all over the globe and are happy to advise you how best to go about obtaining the visas whereever you are based but we do not obtain the visas, you need to do that yourself. Click here to start
Get your visas online
 Visa Chart

This visa chart is a guideline only - you must check with the relevant embassies for up-to-date information. take no responsibility for out-of-date information on this page.

Country UK Passport Irish Passport EU Passport
Argentina N N N
Australia Y Y Y
Belize N N N
Bolivia N N N
Botswana N Y N
Brazil N N N
Cambodia Y Y Y
Canada N N N
Chile N N N
China Y Y Y
Costa Rica N N N
Croatia N N N
Cuba Y Y Y
Ecuador N N N
Guatemala N N N
Hong Kong N N N
Fiji N N N
India Y Y Y
Indonesia N Y N
Japan Y Y Y
Laos Y Y Y
Malaysia Y Y Y
Mexico N N N
Mongolia Y Y Y
Namibia N N N
Nepal Y Y Y
New Zealand N N N
Philippines N N N
Peru N N N
Russia Y Y Y
Singapore N N N
South Africa N N N
Sri Lanka Y Y Y
Tahiti N N N
Tanzania Y Y Y
Thailand N N N
The Cook Islands N N N
Tibet Y Y Y
Tonga N N N
Uganda Y Y Y
Uruguay N N N
USA visa waiver ( ESTA) ESTA ESTA N/Y/ESTA
Vietnam Y Y Y
Western Samoa N N N
Zimbabwe Y N/Y Y

The information above is only a guide and all visa information is subject to sudden change without notice. You MUST double check your visa requirements with your visa service or nearest relevant Embassy or Consulate before you travel. If your nationality is not listed please check your specific visa requirements with your nearest relevant Embassy or Consulate.

We can take no responsibility for any traveller who is not in possession of the correct visas and no refund can be given if you are refused entry as a result of an incorrect visa. Visa costs are not included in the price of RTW trips.