The roundtheworldflights.com team
Each consultant comes to roundtheworldflights.com with a wealth of round the world experience - both as travel consultants and mainly as travel enthusiasts. The average experience of our team working in the travel industry is now over 10 years per consultant and most consultants have travelled to over 40 countries - some are up to 80 plus states now. Between us all we have visited over 90% of the recognised countries and states on this planet. By working closely with each other, with consultants sharing their experiences of travelling in some of the far flung corners of the world as well as new airline routes and travel trade secrets, our Round the World team have an unprecedented knowledge of round the world travel. Put simply, you are booking with an experienced Round the world expert, not some 16 year school leaver.

James, Senior Consultant

Travelled to: Southern Africa, South America, Thailand, USA, Australia, NZ, Trans Siberian.
Travel industry experience: 8 years Travelbag, Global Village & roundtheworldflights.com

Favourite Travel Experience: The Trans-Sib, closely followed by its richer cousin, the Orient Express.
Top three Cities: Cape Town, Rio , New York,
Best beach: Tofu Beach, Mozambique. Surf, seafood and lots of golden sand.
If you were off on an RTW next week, which routing and why?
UK-Jo'burg - Oz - NZ - Santiago surface Rio - London This is the route I took on my year off.
Email: james@roundtheworldflights.com

Direct Line 020 7704 5703


Sanjay, Senior Consultant

Travelled to: Big Trans Sib, North + South America, Asia, Australasia and South Pacific, Africa

Travel industry experience:STA for 5 years & 8 years roundtheworldflights.com

Where are you from originally? Indian roots but London born.

Age 36

Favourite Travel Experience: Overlanding between Quito to Rio De Janeiro

Favourite Countries: India, Peru, Thailand, Argentina

Best beach: White beach,Borocay

If you were off on an RTW next week , which one?

London - Delhi - Bangkok - Perth - Sydney - Auckland - Fiji or Hawaii - Los Angeles surface San Francisco - UK from £1399

Email: sanjay@roundtheworldflights.com

Direct Line 02077045708


Geoff, Senior Travel Consultant

Travelled to: Asia, Australia, Europe, Russia, US/Canada
Travel industry experience: 11 years at roundtheworldflights.com.
Top three places: Kalbarri Western Australia, Monument Valley Utah, Brazil
Where are you from originally: UK
Age: 32
Favourite hotel: The One and Only Tousserouk, Mauritius
Best beach: Unawatuna, Sri Lanka
Email: geoff@roundtheworldflights.com
Direct Line 02077045712


Simon, Manager

Travelled to: Russia, Round the world, Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA

Travel industry experience: 13 years in long-haul specialist agencies.

Where are you from originally? London

Age 44

Favourite Travel Experience: Sunrise trek to Mt Bromo, Java, Indonesia

Favourite Countries: Australia

Best beach: Cable Beach, Broome

Your Perfect holiday break: 4 days walking in the Peak District!

If you were off on an RTW next week, which routing and why? London - Cape Town - overland - Victoria Falls - Perth - Sydney - Auckland - Beijing - London - To do an overland trip through Namibia and to visit friends around the world.

Email: simon@roundtheworldflights.com

Direct Line 02077045707


Stuart, Director

Travel industry experience: STA, 5 years Bridge The World, Co-founder Global Village and roundtheworldflights.com with Chris and Simon back in 1997.

Countries Visited: Round the world several times, 80+ countries now - the real joy is going back though...

Where are you from originally? Glasgow

Age: 43

Favourite Countries Australia, Austria, Czech, South Africa, Peru, Vietnam

Best beach: Whitehaven in the Whitsundays. Bottle Beach in Koh Phangan

Favorite Journey: You really can't beat the Trans Sib

Your perfect next holiday: Perth to Darwin

If you were off on an RTW next week , which one?

London - Delhi surface Kathmandu - Bangkok surface Saigon - Singapore - Sydney surface Melbourne - Christchurch surface Auckland - Fiji - Los Angeles surface Miami - London


Chris, Director

Travel industry experience: 8 years STA, Co-founder Global Village and roundtheworldflights.com with Stuart and Simon back in 1997.

Where are you from originally? London

Age 35

Favourite Countries Peru, Australia, Laos

Best beach: South Beach Miami

Your Perfect holiday break: Exploring Asias backwaters

Perfect 4 day Weekend: Where I'm off to next month - New York
If you were off on an RTW next week , which one?

London - Dubai or Delhi - Bangkok surface Siem Reap (Angkor Wat) - Singapore - Borneo - Australia - New Zealand - The Cook Islands - USA - UK