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My RTW itinerary

The moment you book any RTW flight with you can take advantage of a specially designed system to look at your itinerary online - it's through our reservation system and it's called View Trip - and it's a very convenient way for you to check your RTW flight itinerary online. To see your RTW itinerary online just click here

Where is my Reservation Number

Just enter your surname and reservation number - which is your PNR - found on your trip itinerary:

Airlines usually take control of your booking when you make changes with them when you are travelling - basically the airline will just keep the changes within their system. If this happens View Trip might not reflect your updated itinerary details - but don't worry - the changes are stored within the airlines system and can be checked at the airport - the best place to change or check an itinerary. Also worth pointing out that in View Trip, surnames and titles appear without spaces or hyphens. So, for example, if your name happens to be Mr Jorge Garcia-Marques it will appear as GARCIAMARQUES/JORGEMR

What will my online reservation look like?

Like this....


By Stuart Lodge