RTWs via Sydney, Cairns & The Great Barrier Reef
If you're going to Australia, and especially Sydney, Cairns and The Great Barrier Reef, then it's worth doing a multi-stop or a round the world (RTW). It makes a lot of sense to stop in the Pacific, Asia, The States or even Latin America...With our personalised service and combination of knowledge and experience, will create the perfect tailor-made Round the World itinerary for you. Please call us on 020 7704 5700 for an accurate quote depending on when you are leaving the UK
  from £747  Australia Multi-Stop

This is or No.1 top selling multi-stop ticket: It's a great deal allowing you to visit Australia or New Zealand via Asia, whilst allowing flights within Oz from only £40 each; The four big pluses of this ticket are 1. The overall cost (lead in fare is to Perth) 2. The discounted flights within Australia (between £40-£90 per sector) 3.The excellent stopover options within Asia

UK - Asia Stop - Sydney - Cairns - Asia Stop - UK
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 Wandering aimlessly through Sydney

David Whitley attempts to tick off Sydney’s must-sees and cultural attractions – but ends up on a glorious walk to nowhere.

Noble intentions and savage hangovers don’t tend to mix that well. And that’s my excuse for spending 20 minutes shambling around the Museum of Sydney before conceding to myself that I wasn’t taking anything in. Sydney is my second home. I lived there for just under five years, and enjoyed the experience enormously...

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  from £1142   Globehopper RTW

This is our No. 1 Selling RTW and is a great starter round the world. It allows you to visit Asia or Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji or the States; You can fly Downunder via Asia (Bangkok or Singapore or Hong Kong or Mumbai or Shanghai or Beijing or Tokyo) or Africa (Johannesburg), major hubs in Australia, New Zealand (Auckland, Christchurch or Queenstown) and a choice of Fiji or San Francisco or Los Angeles or New York.

UK - Singapore - Bali - Cairns - Brisbane Sydney - New Zealand - Fiji or USA - UK
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 The joys of rediscovering

David Whitley returns to Australia’s Hunter Valley wine region and shamelessly plumps for exactly what he did three years ago.

One of my favourite places in the world is a small (but very stylish) bed and breakfast in the middle of Australia’s Hunter Valley. The Hunter Valley Cooperage sits right in amongst the vines, and I’ve found few greater pleasures than tucking into Gay and Warren’s top grade breakfasts as the morning sun bathes the vineyard in that fresh, happy light of a new Australian day....

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  from £1035  4 flights within Australia

This fare allows you to visit Downunder via the Far East and get 4 flights within Australia - at the Barrier Reef, The Red Centre and East Coast. The three big pluses of this ticket are 1. The overall cost 2. The cheap flights within Australia 3.The excellent stopover options within Asia eg Bangkok or Singapore or Tokyo or Hong Kong or Mumbai or Shanghai or Beijing.

UK - Hong Kong - Sydney - Uluru - Cairns - Brisbane - Sydney - Asia - UK
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 The Best Things in Byron are Free

Shaney Hudson knows Byron well - and explains why the best things there are free...

Byron Bay is one of the East Coast’s most popular backpacker hubs, a must visit place for respectable backpack-toting traveller visiting Australia. Though the town has swollen in size over the last three decades, the surrounding hinterland hasn’t lost any of its rugged beauty and its pristine coastline remains unspoilt....

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  from £1629  The Discoverer RTW

Put simply the Discoverer 7 Stop round the world fare is the cheapest RTW via South America; it also allows you to circle the globe visiting Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Asia, North and Central America and the Pacific. It also allows unlimited extra stops within Australia from £40 (within the general mileage and sector rules of this RTW ), is valid for 12 months and is fully flexible - allowing date changes and unusually, re-routing.

UK - Santiago - Auckland - Sydney - Cairns - Bali - Singapore - Bali - UK
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