Packing list


The Golden Rule

Lay eveything you think you need out on a bed, at least two days before you leave, then get rid of the half you won't really need; less is definitely more

Essential RTW kit

Backpack (About 65 litres capacity should do)

Small Day pack

Passport - don't forget it - by the end of your trip you will know your passport number off by heart

Bus passes

Visas - double check which ones you need

Immunisation record

Travel Insurance policy


Address Book

All emergency numbers,

Passport photos (8 minimum)


Glasses/contact lenses


Photocopies of documents (emailed to self)


Identity cards (student or Under 26 card)

Discount cards (VIP backpacker card)



Small First Aid Kit (Boots do a good one)

Extras for your first aid kit

Anti malarial tablets

Inoculation certificates






Multi Vitamins

Swiss Army knife


Bedtime (if camping)

Sleeping bag

3/4 length Thermarest

Inner sheet Sleeping bag (Save cash and make your own - or get one made on the road!)


Travel Gear


Camera (Digital costing less than £300 would be my advice - otherwise it'll be tricky to cover insurance wise)

Mobile phone (Enabled for abroad - and buy SIM cards as you go)

Charging units

Travel adapter


A good money belt

Combination padlock

Small Washbag - stay clean - stay well - smell better



Make sure you've saved enough!

Visa Credit card (get your PIN!)

Mastercard Credit Card (get your PIN!)

ATM "hole in the wall" card like a cirrus or maestro (Check the back of your normal ATM card - remember your PIN!)

Pre-paid credit card (get from the post office)

AMEX US Dollar Travellers Cheques


Essential Gear

Universal sink plug

Peg free clothes line/long piece of string


DEET repellent

Swiss Army Knife (with corkscrew...)

Small Maglite torch

Knife & fork


Tea spoon (try making a cup of tea on the Trans Siberian with a swiss army knife...)



Clothes and Footwear

Long sleeved shirt


Smart combat trousers

Sun hat

Travel sandals

Trekking shoes/boots

Shower proof jacket

4 pairs of pants and socks


2 Cotton T Shirts

Swimming gear

Cotton shirts

Long sleeved T Shirts


Sarong (for your Beckham moments)




Remember you can buy a lot of the above in the countries you will be visiting. 

Especially handy to remember if you will be travelling through different seasons.


Handy Gear that makes travelling more enjoyable

Books (Dostoyevsky soon gets a little dull on the beach)

Guidebooks (We like the maps in Lonely Planet)

Telephone card

Job reference letter

Family photos

Re-sealable plastic bag

Large black bin bag

A toilet roll


Make a list of the following and give photocopies to your family or good friend.

Ask them to put them in a safe place in case you need to contact them.

Also take a set with you. 

Also email them to your hotmail or gmail account.

Drivers licence

Embassy Addresses

Glasses/contact lens prescription

Passport number and date issued

Serial numbers of travellers cheques

Serial numbers on valuables e.g. cameras Youth Hostel card / other membership

All insurance details & emergency contacts

Credit card numbers (Do not take copies with you)

Emergency numbers to cancel your card (Do take copies with you)

Emergency Numbers of family and friends